We work hand in hand with you and your loved ones to assess needs, make a unified addiction inntervention plan, and give the addict their best chance at being successful with a clear path to move forward.  Because every individual and situation is unique we offer a variety of services to help with your specific needs.


Addiction causes a ripple effect that sends tidal waves through the entire family.  Whether you are unsure of how to approach the problem, or you have approached it from every angle and haven’t achieved the desired result; we are here to help you and your loved one succeed with a customized addiction intervention plan.


We have not studied addiction or written books on addiction…we have lived through the raging storm of addiction and know what works. Danny's Story


Living Proof offers personal assistance with all types and stages of addiction. Whether it is early signs of addictive behavior, full blown addiction, crisis level or relapse; help is HERE.

Every situation is different and requires varied amounts of help. At Living Proof it all begins with the initial assessment phase. The initial assessment is broken out into three steps:


We meet FACE TO FACE. We are going to get real with one another quickly. Hopefully you have seen my story, now it’s time I hear yours. We will complete the Living Proof assessment form and openly discuss all known obstacles and challenges.


I get to work for you. From someone who knows your pain and has been in your shoes, I will utilize all my resources, expertise and experience to compile a PERSONALIZED PLAN for your loved one.


We meet again. We will discuss the personalized plan I created, and I will help you understand the situation with new eyes. I will give you answers and direction to all of the questions, fears, and concerns you have been unable to resolve up to this point. We will unite our efforts to proceed forward on the path to recovery. Next steps will be identified and understood by all involved. We will then put together a customized addiction intervention plan.

Come as you are, but don’t expect to stay there.

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Our Story

My name is Danny and I am Living Proof. Your life CAN change. There is a way to stop the chaos.

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