"Every addict can recover if they’re ready. The darkness, chaos, and utter destruction of addiction is more powerful than most ever experience. The statistics show that recovery is not only dismal, but almost impossible. I believe that’s the greatest lie you will ever hear… How do I know? I am living proof."

- Danny Deaton, Founder

Living Proof Intervention, The Authority on Addiction Recovery

Living Proof Intervention Matters

Millions of Americans suffer from the disease of addiction. The problem has reached a crisis level to public health, a drag to the economy and a threat to our national security.

More than anything, the number of deaths from overdose are at an all time high and the number of families who are torn apart by this disease are incalculable.

Living Proof Intervention helps addicts and families successfully navigate through the darkness and whirlwind of addiction recovery. Each addict and family will receive personal guidance, step by step from a professional who has walked in their shoes.

Our Story

My name is Danny and I am Living Proof. Your life CAN change. There is a way to stop the chaos.

Our Services

We work hand in hand with you and your loved ones to assess needs, make a unified plan, and give the addict their best chance.

How You Know This Will Help

Addiction ravages families. Aside from the life of the addict being at stake, the family and loved ones are in constant chaos and emotional discord; each individual having their own idea of how to “fix” the problem.

We know that the only way for the addict to have success is for the family to have a unified approach. Knowing if and when to hold an intervention, appropriate medical detox, and choosing the treatment facility are just a handful of the decisions families and addicts will face. Living Proof is here to walk with you hand in hand through each one of those emotional decisions. If you want to stop the cycle of insanity in your family you will have to approach the problem differently. Personalized, guidance for addicts and families so they can successfully navigate through the web of addiction recovery from a professional who has walked in their shoes.